Big Shock For Pakistani Websites; Numbers Of Adsense Account Banned

Although AwamiWeb don’t focus on IT & Telecom news and we have some selective categories but this news really shocked many Pakistani bloggers, web developers and Website owners. Many Pakistani Bloggers and websites reported that they have lost Adsense account without any proper reason, they said.

A leading Telecom Blog Propakistani reported that hundreds of Pakistani publishers banned in few hours and many bloggers still not reported their banned news on internet.

The main reason behind this ban is exploiting Google Adsense terms and policies. According to expert bloggers almost 3/5 bloggers in Pakistan are using copy content. Bloggers don’t read privacy policies and terms & conditions.

On other hand, Bloggers complain about Google that they received no warning mail. Many website owners were using Adsense from last 4-6 years. A huge loses of money faced by these website owners who were relying on Adsense.

Now it’s time to think about some more alternatives for earning so Pakistani bloggers can survive in international market.


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