Baji Sab Janti Hai – Hero TV Best Show

baji sab janti haiKarachi: The show that has defeated every program of Hero TV is Baji Sab Janti Hai which is considered as the Best TV Show on Hero TV. The people have sent the most number of feedback on the posts of Hero TV Show ‘Baji Sab Janti Hai’. It has also the most number of viewership among all the shows of infotainment channel Hero TV. Join Baji Sab Janti Hai Facebook Page which was given by his fan.

Baji Sab Janti Hai is a Horoscope show which is being hosted by an old aged bulky woman who acts in a funny manner in a bid to cheer up the viewers.

The people have expressed their favoritism for this show as it bring maximum entertainment and joy for the TV watchers.



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