Ayesha Bakhsh Gets Best Female News Caster Award

newscaster Ayesha BakhshFamous Female News-anchor Ayesha Bakhsh has won best Female News Caster Award in 3rd Pakistan Media Award 2012. Ayesha Bakhsh got couple of good news in few months. She Married Adnan Amin in start of this year. Few weeks ago, this couple got good news of Baby Boy. And now she got biggest awards of newscaster’s category.

There were 10 female newscasters who were contesting for this mega award. Geo News senior newscaster Ayesha Bakhsh got most votes. Ayesha Bakhsh (some people spell it Aisha Buksh) was previously working in ARY News.

Ayesha Bakhsh felt happy on receiving this award. On other hand Kiran Rizvi and Iqra Shahzad were also strong candidates for this award.

Here is Female Newscasters who were nominated

  1. 1.       Aisha Buksh from Geo News
  2. 2.       Iqra Shahzad from Dunya TV
  3. 3.       Sadaf Abdul Jabar from ARY News
  4. 4.       Kiran Rizvi from AAJ TV
  5. 5.       Mishal Bukhari from Express News
  6. 6.       Kiran Aftab from Samaa TV
  7. 7.       Tabinda Gul from PTV News
  8. 8.       Semi Fatima from DAWN News
  9. 9.       Sana Khan from News One
  10. 10.   Darakhshan Batool from CNBC Pakistan

[thumbsupbox]Congratulations Ayesha Bakhsh for this great achievement . [/thumbssupbox]


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