Amar Jaleel Hosts Class Room On Sindh TV News

Amar Jaleel also spelled as Aamir Jalil is the host of the famous Sindhi show Class room his show is very popular among the Sindhi’s and in Sindh. His show is most watched in the traditional Sindhi family and he is popular as well as a personality in the Sindhi youth.

Class room is a political show in which the current political scenario of Sindh is discussed he often invites the Sindhi famous political personalities in the Show.

Amar Jaleel is a journalist by profession he writes the articles and columns as well in the daily Jang he has been associated with this field since more then 25 years.

The viewers of the program can also participate in this program by sending their suggestion or question in this e-mail This show is air on Sindh TV News on Sunday between 8:10 PM to 9: 10 PM.



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