Altaf Hussain Arrested in UK While Escaping South Africa

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It has been reported in alerts from one unreliable foreign media source that Altaf Hussain has been arrested in UK while escaping to South Africa on suspection in the murder of Dr Imran Farooq case. We will break all things in this case. The news has been broken from the London Post however all other media is silent proving that the news might be fake. Mr Altaf Hussain is a leader of Muttahida Qoumi Movement and he is one of the leading politician in Pakistan. Well some exclaim it is not evident that he has been arrested or taken in to custody for some other reason.



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  • Naveed says:

    Hello MQM-Supporter:
    Regardless of whether he is arrested or not, what does Altaf think that how long he will carrying on killing the innocent peoples ? How long he thinks he will live life ahead and will be always livin its in luxrious ? How long Pakistani nation will be imposted by his drama’s ? How long zardari and other corrupt democratic traitors will keep defending him and his policies ? how long the killers will be kept recruited in Pakistan security agencies ??
    No dear the time has end for him, and Zulfiqar Mirza’s speech is the first step reach the neck of Altaf hussain and his killer regime.
    May Allah protect ISLAM and Pakistan from the Munafiqeen like MQM. ameen.

    • Pakistani says:

      . I appericiate of zulfiqar Mirza . he is the brave man . and inshalah all cought Altaf hussain killer . and ehman Malik His Agent . i wonder why pakistani media supported o MQM . eityher they Scared from them bcasue of terrorism and killer as they are doing since lat 25 years .
      god bless our country from these DEVILS LIKe KALA DAJJAL

  • amjad Khan says:

    mr MQM support. you are blind. this is true news. He has been arrested for his friend murder. please do not hide the news. Pakistan hipocrat media is so scared to annoused this news.
    I want to find, who will be next drama king MQM cheif????

    • Awami Admin says:

      We do not support any Political Party, we searched a lot for this news if it was credible or not but we landed on the decision that it is unconfirmed news. We will update you as soon as we get any responses about this news.

    • Pakistani says:

      Jeetay Raho . Khush Raho . Hamari Media Ko MQM ka Khauf he . yeh Bdmaash hai na , Har aik Ko Trap KArte hain .
      allah Kab Haumain In Dajjalon Se Azad KArega . Kaash Zulfiqar Mirza kutch Kar De . Inshallah

  • WICKY says:


    • Justice says:

      Y just talk about AH,
      All the current political leaders are a cancer, look at PPP and PML… both of these have destroyed Pakistan twice already and now the biggest criminal of the world AAZ, is heading a so called party PPP and ruining the country….. Dont you have the balls to call him the biggest CANCER…. arent you ashamed to have him as your President…..

      • ALTAF says:

        @Justice, baki jo bi ker rahe hain per sub is ki trah amerca ka sath nai day rahe mulk torne main
        altaf husain ( allah ise jaldi apne pas bulaye) to mulk torne ki sazish ker raha hai

    • Sleeky says:

      @WICKY, Altaf hussain is skin cancer as he is outside Pakistan. The inner Cancer is Zardari and his germs including Rehman Malik (the conspirator) for Benazir’s Bhuttos murder. Nothing big like the murder of Ms bhutto could occur without inside holes…

  • Baloch says:

    JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED !! Altaf hussain leader of a terrorist Organization which is operating as a political party in Pakistan and is involved in Organized crime and money laundering !
    Altaf a Dirty Freak

  • Yasir says:

    He is Altaf Hussaian, he is not a Burger. Strong Evidence and proof is needed to Arrest a Normal and a great Citizen. Its a Fake News.

  • FAIZAN says:

    this news wrong.altaf hussain not arest. ok . u dnt, call altaf husain terirost. ok. mqm is bigest party our country pakistan. altaf hussain chief this party. pakistan main mqm k 2 milions lovers ha. mind ur language frinds. mqm main educated log ha sb sa zaida. altaf hussain not a corecpt man. we proud altaf huusain and mqm

  • mohajir says:

    —- killing people to benefit themselves are their agenda, they don’t owe karachi at all- they owe karachi on the power of guns and extortion money. [comment edit]

  • I Dont Know he x arrested or not Bt he should be arrested because he is a terrorist and MQM is nt a political party its a terrorist organization which take money and weapon from india altaf should be arrested.

  • Haqparast says:

    This is all propaganda created by jamat-e-harami falsly called as Jamat-e-Islami London post a blog running from Mansoora Lahore and waqt news have ex Ummat newspaper reporters so that means waqt news also with this — jamat Why didn’t any media didn’t broke this news If you consider that pakistani media is not free then why didn’t International media break to all of them who think this news is right tell me any indipendent or neutral news paper or media who preach this news.
    So all haqparast don’t be angry with these mentally unfit people they can’t do any thing for Karachiets so they done these thing.
    [comment edit]

  • AAMIR says:



  • Faissa says:

    I wwould like to say that ALLAH ke Haan DAre HAi andhaer naheen, He is really A Cancer for Pakistan, He is responsible for killing for imran farooq & Azeem Tariq, He Should be hanged Till Death atleast 10000 Times for every innocent he order or his party killed in Karachi

  • Altaf Hussain Bhai One and only is the leader of the nation.
    Dr. Imran Farooq Bhai Shaheed Say Mutaliq Khabrain Jhooti Aor Bay-Bunyad Hain…
    Media ka aik makhsoos groh MQM kay khilaf man gharat aor bay-bunyad Khabrain shaya kar raha hay…
    MQM apni qanooni muaveneen say mushawirat kar rahi hay.
    Awam aisi be bunyad khabron aor afwahon per tawajah na dain.

    • @DR. MUHAMMAD YOUSUF RANA, Altaf Hussain Bhai One and only is the leader of the nation….LMAO….!! yaar yeh sab kaisy bOl laity ho..
      altaf is the one who jis ny PAkistanio ky idl mai yeh .. punjabi mahajir . baloch phatan wagera dala ky u r a mahajir u r a phatan ..! bhai we all r PAKISTANIZ ya hum sab PAKISTANI hain kabi suna us MOty ky MO sy …..! pata nhi q karachi ki 50% log q is jahil ko support kerty hain ya jo support kerty hain woh khud itny nhi ky apna demagh chala saky …!!
      n baqi partiz b PPP,ANP,PML(N)(Q) or per pagara n MUlaz all partiz r shit sab apny faidy ky liay baat kerty hain hum awam to bas in ky Kutty hain .:/:@..

      • Ahmed says:

        I have only one Word for ALTAF mean ALTAF PIG

      • AK says:

        @Muhammad Osama, Sir Osama, ap ye kyon bhool gaye ke MQM ki paidayesh se bahut pehle Bangladesh ke naam se ek province hua karta tha hamare mulk mein… Us waqt Bangali, Behari, Muhajir kis ne logon ke dilon mein daala tha? Us waqt to Mr. Altaf ko university mein qadam rakhne mein bhi 10, 15 saal baaqi the sir!

    • Naib Ali says:

      Dr rana agar altaf hussain great hai to karachi m aman q nai or to agar ye khabar bebunyad hai to phr altaf public k samne q nai aate

  • Justice says:


    Altaf Hussain may be a criminal, but he will always remain a far lesser criminal that people like Nawaz Sharif, BB, and Asif zardari….. These corrupt politicians who have destroyed our beautiful nation…… You should be ashamed of having a president who is recongized as one of the most corrupt politicians…. and those who are not ashamed of this are actually just like him … and worse than AH…

  • Silent killer says:

    Bhonkty rahooo Hahahahahaha

  • Naib Ali says:

    Justice we all know that all politicians are cancer while AH is a cancer of cancer

  • Mariam says:

    I live in karachi and I a christian and few months a go MQMs terrorist came to our area and threatened everyone that we all should terminate(lay off) pathans servants and chokidars who are working in our area.
    Mqm walaon nay kaha kay jo bhi pathan chokidar hain sub ko nikaldejiye warna wo hamaray gharon per firing karaingay. Tab say ab tak tamam urdu’s speaking area say sub pathanon ko nikala ja chuka hai.
    Karachi mein unki dukanon ko, hotels ko unki property ko tabah kia ja chuka hai aur masoom pathanon ko mara ja raha hai.
    Truth is Truth.
    Mqm is international terrorist.

    • AK says:

      @Mariam, Mariam, this getting-rid-of-Pathan act doesnt make MQM “international” terrorist… “national” bhi nahi infact, just a “local” terrorist limited to one city of the country only

      As far as the “truth” is concerned, i also live in an MQM area, I have seen one or two thela of pathans burning and one pathan being shot in the past ten months or so… When we transact with MQM karkuns sitting in various shops selling day to day products, they, knowing our family for decades and us being muhajir, tell us that they dont know (or at least are not willing to tell the real names) of who acts as representative of MQM and does that but its not them at least…

      i’m not taking anybody’s side… im just asking you not to jump on conclusions about anybody so easily, be it MQM, Pathan or any political party.

      • Sleeky says:

        @AK, Haha what a naive person you are. Beta MQM say door raho is say pehlay kay tumhaari lag jaay. They already killed one of my cousin’s husband because he left MQM for good.

    • @Mariam, Its not a international terrorists group. Yeh just Karachi aur hyderabad ki had mehdood hain aur PPP ki govt inhain paal rahi hai… Inki nasal kashi eid k baad start hogi INSHAALLAH, Karachi ki roads per in k sheer khuaar bachy murda pary hongy aur in MQM walon k khoon sy hum Karachi ki deewaron ko rangeen kar k wapas Karachi ko roshiniyon ka shehar banaain gy…

  • kdmirza says:

    Dr reza,your kind of a peoples are the main germs of pakistan,just because your kind of a problem rocking our lands,So why don,t you get yourself out of our country and go to some other place

  • Ahmed says:

    Altaf is Pig or Pig is ALtaf , may be both , Altaf and Pig is sam meaning

  • sara says:

    altaf is a pi- he has not any rite to own kahi/pakistan. AH is a great actor was weeping fack at the time of imran farooq death hum sub dua hi ker sektay hain k Allah is QASAI say hamray masoom logo ko mahfooz kery or logo ko bhi akal day jo is katal k peechay hain Quran says k jis nay aik jan li goya pud=ri insaniyat ki jaan li or na janay kitni janoo ka azzab is ghunday k galay hai yahan say bhatta lay k is ko london send kia jata hai hamarah logo ki khoon paseenay ki kamaee is hara– k paltoo ghunday loot k lay jaytay hain is pi- ko palnay k leye altaf hussain burai or gandgi ka pehla naam hai Allah is khooni darinday ko barbaad keray Ammen [comment edit]

  • ghulfam says:

    Altaf hussain is a murderer of innocent Pakistanis.He will soon reach the hell.My real uncle had joined this part in his university life but when he came to know that they coerces poor people and r terrorists then he left it and move to Saudi arabia.

  • Sleeky says:

    MQM is lying about their leader Altaf Bhai in hospital. He is arrested by the UK agencies top secretly and they are investigating the situation with him. UK must have contacted our Pak Army and Pak Army has told UK not to make it public even if all is proven that Altaf Hussain is guilty, due to the sensitive situation prevailing in Karachi.

    INSHALLAH very soon I think we will hear good news that this Terrorist Atlaf Hussain is in Jail for good. MQM and all its leaders will then live their afterlife in HELL.

  • ALTAF HARAMI says:

    jitna blood shed is ne krachi main kiya hai
    uper ja ker bi kutoon wali hi zindagi guzare ga
    aur frishte hunter maren gay is pe

  • khan says:

    Salam brother

    If this news is precise, I would be the first one to donate, whatever I could on the name of ALLAH. Altaf Hussain, ———-. I pray Allah to grabe him, and give us strength to clean Pakistan from all MQM germs. Pukhtoon zinda bad. Gobd bless pukhtoon and Pakistan [comment edit]

  • salam says:

    The fact is, pathan is the only nation who stop these mother fu**er, from doing violance. If pathan was not in karachi, the would eat all other people. So folks, support pukhtoon, and eleminate all those big fishes, in the river. Don’t harm ordinary people, only the biggest terrorist (bata khore) who killing innocent people.. MQM is the biggest terrorist group in Pakistan and in the whole world. [comment edit]

  • Ali says:

    Yeh isi laiq hai, band kar ke rakho is ko jail main

  • ranijee says:

    Iltaf cartoon ko leader kahna waloon ko mera tarf sa lanat

  • Red Baron says:

    I read all the debate going through n I think may b I m wrong dat no one likes MQM, but Im sure on one thing we all have no temperament ;) I guess y u r yelling here? He is in UK dere is nothing like Pak, so if he is guilty den he will get wat so ever he deserves. n i’m 70% sure his party will be ended wid him. 30% uncertainty is dere coz dey do have some voters, u believe it or not but dey do exist :) u should respect there freedom to chose. anyways we all hate each other, plz dont start yelling at me dats a fact u may hate less den me but u do hate on da basis of religion, ethnicity or anything else. Try to make ur self better rather den pointing fingers on some1 else who even dont care abt u ;) have a gud day.

  • Mujahid Ali says:

    Pura naam iska syed altaf hussain jaffrey hay ye shia hay aur shia kabhi musalman nahin hota hay shia apnay kufr ko islam kehta hay aurshion ka mission musalman mulkon men fitna o fasad phelatay rahen aur moqa milay to muslim mumlekat k tukray bhi kar detay hen warna qatal o gharat giri to zaroor kartay rehtayhen tareekh bhari pari hay inki ghaddarion se kahin Tipu Sultan se ghaddari ki mir sadiq shia ne Iran ki sheh per kahen halakoo khan ka saath dy kar baghdad ko takhto taraj karwaya kahin Ismail safvi ne sunniiran ko zabardasti shia banaya kahin Hazrat Umer rz ko abu lulu feroze Lanati ne shaheed kia phir isi groh ne Hazrat Usman rz ko shaheed kia phir Hazrat Ali rz ko shia ibn muljim ne shaheed kia ab Pakistan men altaf shia Pakistan ko tornay k chakar men hay magar ye us ki bhool hay ab Inshallah altaf ghaddar shia ka anjaam bura honay wala hay kion k kufr ki hukumat to chal sakti hay magar zulm ki nahin inshaallah iska ibratnaak anjaam honaywala hay

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