Actress Noor Gives Birth To Baby Girl

noor new daughterLahore: Famous Pakistan film actress, renowned TV host and top fashion Model Noor becomes mother of her first child as she gives birth to a baby girl few days back. The new born baby has been named Fatima by the parents and family of both Noor and her husband.

According to the mother of Noor, the new born daughter and mother is in normal condition. She felt greatly joyful over the birth of her grand daughter. “Noor is going to stay in Britain for further two months,” she told while speaking to local daily.

It is to mention here that Noor (Noor Bukhari) got divorced from here first husband because of his different faith. She did also quarreled with him in Dubai that was quite hot hit on the Internet.  After the divorce, she started doing morning show on Hum TV.

Update: Now Noor is in Pakistan and we received a Picture of Noor and her Daughter.




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