Abb Takk TV Channel Reveals Logo

abb takk tv channel logo

Abb Takk TV Channel LOGO

Another Pakistani News Channel is going to launch soon. Apna Network has finalized launching of Urdu News Channel with name Abb Takk also writes as Ab Tak. Earlier, we mentioned that Launching of Abb Takk TV is possible in upcoming days. According to media sources, it will launch in February 2013.

Apna network has revealed Stylish Logo which in Urdu Font. There lots of confusion about name of channel as some other organizations are also using this name.

  1. AB Tak is an Indian Hindi Newspaper
  2. A Daily Newspaper also publish from Lahore with name Ab Tak
  3. Ab Tak Talk Show is also on-airing from ARY News which host by Sadaf Abdul Jabar

Some other organizations in India have also same name but these three examples can confuse many. We haven’t confirmed relation of Ab Tak Newspaper (Lahore) with this New Abb Takk TV but sources claimed they don’t own by same person.

Update: An AwamiWeb Fan told us this logo is copy of Indian TV Channel Aaj Tak. And after comparing both logos, we are also feel that Abb Takk copied Aaj Tak TV Channel Logo.



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