5 Most Dangerous Bridges Of Pakistan

Ever though how it would feel if you have to walk through a hanging bridge which is made of wooden planks and moves along with strong winds? Sounds dangerous, but in many areas people have no other option but to cross such bridges. Here are 10 most dangerous bridges of Pakistan:

1) Hussaini Bridge which is situated in upper Hanza qualifies as the most dangerous bridge and no one will deny it.

2) Astore Bridge is located in the Astore area of Gilgit Baltistan is made of iron wires and wooden planks.

3) Danyore Bridge is from British era and was used by British forces to supply arms and food to Afghanistan, it is situated in Danore.

4) Tarzan Bridge should only be crossed by ‘Tarzans’ because weak hearted cannot do it, it is in Naran.


5) Deosai Bridge which combines Skardu and Gilgit Baltistan is also among most dangerous bridges in Pakistan.

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