100 Rupees Students Prize Bond To Be Launched On 16th November

The National Savings Organisation launched a new scheme for students. The Students Welfare Bond of 100 Rupees will be available from 16th November at office of National Saving Centres, Post offices and commercial banks. The first prize of 100 Rupees Prize Bond will be 700000 Rupees, second prize of 200000 Rupees (three prizes) and third prize (1000 Rupees) will be given 1699 lucky winners.

The first lucky draw of 100 rupees prize bond (Students Welfare Bond) will be held on 15th February, 2013. This lucky draw scheme will target the youth which is the 62 percent of the total population of Pakistan.

Meanwhile State Bank of Pakistan has announced that old notes of 500 Rupees can be exchanged till 1st October (Monday) from any bank.



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